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Join Walt and The Pack for Boarding & Training at OnPoint-K9. This weekly stay & train program is intended to jump start your dog’s training. We offer a balanced routine encompassing daily physical activity and mental exercise. Weekly private lessons with the family are required to learn leash and e-collar skills and encourage lasting results.



Proper management will limit unwanted behaviors. Management is the way we live with our dog in our home and the way we handle them out in the world. We will teach you to create rythm in your home and your dog the appropriate times to play and rest.


At OnPoint-K9 we define a social dog as one that is able to focus on their owner before yielding to distractions. Through training sessions, supervised play times and calm time we will teach your dog how to remain attentive in distracting environments.


Training gives us the tools to clearly tell our dog what is expected of them. Dogs in our program receive one on one obedience sessions to learn their commands. We will then teach you how to direct, reward & correct your dog so you can be successful at home.

Walter Quense

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On Leash Basic Training:

Our 2 week On Leash Training program takes dogs through marker training and leash pressure training. The main focus of basic on-leash training revolves around loose leash walking and in home manners. Examples of some of the commands taught in this program: No pulling on leash, Sit, Down, Wait, Walk, Good, Climb, and No.

Rate: Starting at $1200/week

Off Leash Advanced Training:

Our 4 week ECollar Training program starts with our On Leash Training program and advances to e-collar pressure training. The main focus of ECollar Training revolves around off leash skills and confidence building between you and your dog in the home and in public. Examples of some of the commands taught in this program: Come, Sit, Down, Wait, Walk, Good, No, Off, Climb, and how to respond to their name.

Rate: Starting at $1000/week

How it Works:

Dogs are dropped off for training on Monday and boarded until Friday. Your dog will receive one on one training sessions throughout the week. On Friday, you will receive a 1 hour training lesson and your dog will go home over the weekend to practice their new skills at home. Weekend boarding can be arranged depending on availability. 


A limited number of dogs are enrolled per week. 


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